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Since 1965, Neighborhood Services, Inc. has been feeding our  Columbus neighbors. Today, we aim to alleviate the effects of poverty by providing nutritious food and clothing, as well as via our seasonal programs and other services to those in need.  Neighbors and volunteers always welcome. 

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Hello friends and supporters! We are writing to let you know about something that is going to impact our neighbors and community. There is a new bill called the "Agriculture and Nutrition Act of 2018" that is going to push a lot of people towards the pantry. Once this goes through, we will see a major surge in neighbors in need. We have posted the press statement from Ohio Association of Foodbanks for you to read. We will also post a link to the bill so you can read over it yourself.

With love,

Neighborhood Services Inc

Bill: https://agriculture.house.gov/uploadedfiles/agriculture_and_nutrition_act_of_2018_section_by_section.pdf

Press Statement: http://ohiofoodbanks.org/files/2017-18/Press-Statement-Response-to-House-Farm-Bill-Proposal-4-12-18.pdf

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