Humans of the Neighborhood

Every so often we interview a patron of the pantry and hear about their story and how the pantry has helped them. Follow their stories here on our website or through any of our Social Media links using the #hashtag #humansoftheneighborhood

If you want to share your story, contact Molly at the office.

614-297-0592 or


Ms. Andrea

Meet Ms Andrea, here is her story:
"My family and I had a real bad carbon monoxide leak, I ended up losing my dog. We were going house to house to house, I was spending all my money on hotels and the pantry helped us a lot. The food pantry provides food for me and my children to eat and keep us healthy." Thanks for sharing your story! Stay tuned for more of our neighbor's stories.

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Ms. Clair

Meet Ms. Clair... "I came to know the pantry through some friends. I was working for Capital University, in 2006 I started having trouble with my knees. I was walking to the bus stop on my way to work when I felt a lot of pain - I ended up having 2 knee replacements that year, 2011. I went on food stamps but they kept cutting my stamps down and down and now I only get 26$ a month. So the pantry really helps me get along through the month. I save everything. I may not always get what I want but I praise God for giving me what I need. Because sometimes I may just have a pot of beans and some cornbread but I make that last. I always take my packages of meat and cut them up into smaller pieces so I can savor them throughout the month. I just keep adding produce to everything to get me through the month."

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