Neighborhood Services, Inc.
Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer opportunities are available throughout the year. 
To volunteer, call us at (614) 297-0592

Our programs are successful because of the generosity of our many volunteers. Volunteers staff our food pantry Monday through Thursday from 9 a.m. until 2 p.m. They register clients, help them shop in the Choice Food Pantry, assist with stocking shelves, help unload delivery trucks, and perform other duties as needed.

To keep our facility welcoming to our neighbors, we also look for volunteers to help with housekeeping projects and light facility maintenance. Volunteers step up to make special projects possible several times each year by assisting with Holiday Food Boxes preparation and distribution, filling backpacks with school supplies for our back to school program, and staffing our monthly produce markets.

Some of our Spring 2015 OSU student volunteers recently commented:

"I had the pleasure of meeting some of the kindest, most joyous people I have ever met while volunteering at NSI, and I got to witness some of the wonderful community that they have which each other, which helped put things into perspective for me. I think your agency is a great asset to the community, and its importance was reflected in the emphatic thank-you's, the excitement over fresh produce, and the joy on the neighbors' faces that I had the privilege of constantly seeing while volunteering at NSI."

"This experience has helped me improve personally in many ways as well. I learned how to connect with people better by listening patiently and trying to understand their perspectives behind their behaviors, even with neighbors who I had never met before. I learned how to be positive because we all have different obstacles in our daily life, and the positivity from volunteers and neighbors helps me encounter those obstacles bravely."

"It is rare to find organizations with leaders and crews who work with everything they have from the goodness of their hearts, but Neighborhood Services has most definitely proved itself as one of those cases. I wish I could give more to this organization than simply my time and hopefully someday we find a solution to the heartbreaking truth that is poverty. I am so unbelievably fortunate to have had this opportunity and more so to have experienced it with the most remarkable people. I fully intend to stay involved at Neighborhood Services and will always hold this small building filled with so much love near and dear to my heart."